It is dry season in Kigali! The rains left in May, and we are desperate for their return. The grass is crunchy and brown and the usual green of this land is covered in red dust. We live on a dirt road which has dried up into red powder. Red powder that matches the colour […]

Bob Geldof is at it again: he’s in the business of saving Africa! This time it is West Africa and the nations stricken with Ebola.  His BAND AID 30 song has been heavily criticized for its insensitive lyrics and its lack of insight into the real Africa. ‘At Christmas time it’s hard but while you’re […]

Inspiring South African artists I have been on a voyage of discovery over the last two and half years. I have discovered the thrill of transforming a blank canvas into an image. It started when my in-laws had their house renovated into something open and modern with expanses of white walls throughout. These spaces cried […]

The Christian, the Bible and Art Is art something that a Christian should be occupied with? Especially a Christian living in a developing country like Rwanda, where people can’t afford to give their children coloured pens or paper to play with. Kigali has a developing art scene, in embryonic stages, but Rwanda is only 20 […]

I live in Rwanda, a tiny country in the middle of Africa. Rwanda has been in the headlines this week, because 20 years ago there was a genocide in the country where I live. Nearly 1,000,000 people were slaughtered in 100 days. People died in the most heinous and horrific ways at the hands of […]

  ‘When you bury your child,’ he hesitated, his voice full of emotion, ‘you had better know who your God is.’ Julian had recently buried his firstborn son who was only a year old. As I took it all in, my mind was not able to comprehend the pain. I found myself fighting back tears […]

‘Girls think they have to act like porn stars to be liked by boys’ It’s a fact of life; our children are growing up in a brave new world of global connectivity, using social media as a means of communication and with instant access to information and imagery. For young people in a Western context […]

When I first moved to Rwanda ‘contextualization’ was the buzzword. You need to fit in, adopt the customs, manners, dress and traditions of the country you are living in. Not to mention learning the language. Rwanda is among some of the poorest countries in the world. So who would have thought that contextualization in Rwanda […]